Conversational copy, content and social media for the Web

As a direct response copywriter, I use conversational language to communicate your company’s sales message to your prospects and customers.

I use conversational copywriting to create high-conversion content and social media posts, especially in the education, software, insurance and real estate markets. Conversational copywriting is as much about content writing as it is about copywriting.

Conversational copy engages your audiences in the familiar voice people use to share stories and information. Engaging in everyday conversations creates a human connection. Consumer engagement encourages an enthusiastic response for your products or services. Your marketing message will convey high-level brand loyalty that drives sales.

As a social media writer and manager, I can start the conversation. Building engagement is the next step. This will deepen levels of trust to create desire. Closing the sale is the last step.

I use conversational copywriting and social media to build relationships with my clients and prospective clients.

Building relationships is a tricky, long-term process. I can’t control or make it happen. It takes time, survives a few missteps and requires hundreds of individual interactions.

It’s the same with social media. One of the keys to building any relationship is to communicate. In other words, you can’t talk and write non-stop. You have to listen to others and respond. As with any medium, you need to attract attention. You have to stand out from the crowd.

Within the social Web, you can reach out with something totally unrelated to your work. You are building and maintaining a connection with your audience. You can attract attention by making a stand, letting people know what you feel or believe.

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